Caring for children in their middle years


 The centre is guided by policies that outline “Best Practice” which are followed by staff,children,families and the wider community.

Families are encouraged to be involved in reviewing and revising centre policies throughout the year by reading the centre policy sent home via email each month.Any ideas and suggestions for policy changes can be made directly to the Coordinator in person or by email.

The centre’s policies are divided into the following categories:

  1. Policies in Practice
  2. Facilities & Equipment
  3. Staffing
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Programming

Centre Policies are available for parents to view at any time in the Family Information Area,please ask a staff member if you would like a copy of a policy.

Following is a summary of some of our policies.


Staff will only administer medication that has been prescribed by a medical practitioner .All medications must be in date and in their original packaging.

Parents must complete a medication authority record for medication to be given at the centre.


The centre encourages positive communication between staff and families through monthly newsletters,surveys and informal discussions.

A Family Information Area is set up where centre notices such as the afternoon menu,staffing and rosters,up and coming events are advertised.All other information for families is emailed directly to you.

Please update your contact details with us throughout the year if they change at all..

We value your input and encourage you to make suggestions which can be made directly to staff or by placing a note in our suggestion box in the parent area.

Feedback/Grievance Procedures

The centre values feedback from parents and uses this information for policy review and staff training.We encourage our families to be open with any comments they have about the centre and hope they will be bring them to the attention of the Co-ordinator as soon as possible so that they can be addressed immediately.

The centre is committed to best practice and to continual improvement.

Behaviour Management

The centre believes in the effectiveness of a well planned environment to discourage unacceptable behaviour.

Children at the centre are encouraged to help in the planning of experiences and the design of the environment that they will be a part of.

Appropriate role modelling,mutual respect,valuing of others and building children’s self esteem all contribute to positive behaviour management.

Children together with staff formulate appropriate “codes of conduct” that are reviewed regularly.

Sun Protection

Children are required to wear both a hat and sunscreen whilst at the centre.

The centre provides sunscreen which will be applied before the children use the outdoor environment.


The centre plans a child focused program based on the skills and interests of the children attending.

The staff and children collaborate regularly to discuss program outcomes and plan short and long term projects.Some activities are spontaneous and the children regularly participate in gardening and cooking activities.

The Vacation Care (Holiday Club) Program
is planned during the term to ensure it is varied and interesting for the children, providing the children with a range of both centre days,incursions and excursions such as The Aquarium and the Movies.

Places are always limited so please get in early.

Please make sure that you purchase a Kids Club hat for your child to wear on excursions during the Holiday Club Program


Please see Policies in our Parent Area