Caring for children in their middle years

Service Philosophy


Kids Club is committed to providing an environment that supports children’s learning, that helps to extend on their

strengths and support their needs.

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn from their peers and we support the inclusion of all

children of diverse abilities, socio-economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

We believe that all children should be treated with respect and dignity, to always feel safe and secure,

to have the opportunity to learn through play, decision making and positive social interactions with their peers.

We believe our Educators are responsible for the well-being, safety and learning of every child.

Our Educators share knowledge through role modelling, engaging with the children and developing positive,

trustful relationships.

Our families, their children and the staff of Kids Club are all meaningful contributors to our program.

Our centre policies, procedures and philosophy are reviewed every 18 months in consultation with all staff, children and their families