Caring for children in their middle years

Our Environment

KIDS CLUB is committed to taking an active role in caring for our environment by incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday routines,activities and experiences.

Our Kids Club centres have both developed "Sustainability Action Plans" by completing an "Environmental Management Checklist" which covers the following areas: Water, Energy, Waste, Chemicals, Air and the local environment. The Action Plan includes time frames that enable us to continually review and reassess the positive changes we plan to introduce during the year and also add additional ideas to the plan.

This Action Plan and it's evaluations are available for families in the parent area.

The children are very enthusiastic about caring for the envoronment and we hope to enciurage  their positive attitude by involving them in varying experiences and activities that explore susutainable living and the effect we have on our environment.

During the year the children are involved in water reduction practices such as tubs iunder dripping taps,tubs under hand washing areas and kitchen sinks, they are then able to use the water on the vegetables and herbs in our "Kids Club Vegepod"

Recycling activities are another way we try to encourage both involvement and the opportunity to discuss how we can Reduce,Re-use and Recycle the products we use everyday.The centre provides large containers that the children can use to sort our used waste,we have 3 containers for Paper, Plastic and Glass products used in the centre. Activities such as "Recycle Race" which involves the children competing in teams to sort the recycling into the 3 containers correctly, both encurages the children to think about our recycling habits and the importance of sorting them correctly.

Our Kids Club Garden is another great initiative that the children really enjoy.Each week the gardening group attends to the garden which involves weeding, watering, planting and every so often we are able to offer some of our vegies and herbs for the children and parents to take home.

Please feel free to have a look at our Kids Club Garden with your child at any time.

We are more than happy for you to make any suggestions about how we can further encourage the children to be involved in caring for our environment. Please speak to a staff member or the Coordinator about your ideas.

Kids Club Team