Caring for children in their middle years

Our Community

At Kids Club we not only want the children to have fun and enjoy their time with their friends but we also want them to feel accepted and valued as part of our centre and school community.

We welcome parents and carers to be part of our centre activities and experiences and through your participation and involvement in the centre, the children will feel more confident and comfortable in the child care environment.

  • Ways you can be involved at Kids Club can be as simple as sharing some of your favourite family recipes or making suggestions for our Seasonal Menu.
  • Some parents can also share their interests and skills such as Cooking, gardening, music or sport with the children by coming in every now and then to do an experience with the children.
  • They love when adults engage in their play, so please let us know if you would like to come in and spend some time in the Before or After Care.

We often through our monthly Newsletter, ask for donations such as pre-loved clothing for dress-ups, containers for cooking or gardening and other recycling items to use for Art and Craft.

We also involve the children in many sustainability projects which they can also do at home including reduce,reuse and recycle.

The children love to have that link between home and school/child care and being able to do simple things such as bring in items for the art area or cook their favourite snack or smoothie that they love at home encourages open communication, trust and positive relationships.

We look forward to sharing many happy experiences with you and your family.


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