Caring for children in their middle years

Nutrition & Menu

Kids Club aims to provide the children with a wide variety of nutritious meals and snacks that both taste great, are good for you and promote healthy eating and good food habits.

The children will be encouraged to develop good eating habits through positive role modelling, educational experiences such as planning and cooking meals and snacks and the day to day care of our Vegie & Herb Garden which encourages the children to be more aware of what they eat as well as using sustainable practices.

Encouraging the children to self serve helps to develop self help skills, independence and confidence.

Our Seasonal Menu is reviewed each term or as required in collaboration with our children, their parents and our staff.

We refer to the recommendations made by Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and the Australian Dietary Guidelines when planning changes to our Menu

We use a Menu Planning Checklist to ensure we are meeting our responsibilities and providing foods within the recommended 5 Food Groups

Water is available at all times throughout both the Before Care, After Care and Holiday Club Programs

Parents are invited to share their families favourite recipes each year as we create a 'Kids Club Cook Book" , the Cook Book promotes how we value our families, their culture, their relationships with food and how food always brings people together. 

High standards of hygiene will be maintained throughout all food preparations in accordance with guidelines from Food Standards Australia and Risk Assessments are completed for all cooking activities.

Kids Club Cook Book coming in Term 2

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Bellevue Hill Summer Menu 2020


Bellevue Hill Winter Menu 2019