Caring for children in their middle years


National Quality Standards, Quality Framework and Education and Care Services National Regulations, 2011.

 Out of School Hours Care Services is regulated and the quality of care provided by services monitored by the following new legislations.

  1. National Quality Standards.
  2. Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.
  3. National Quality Framework (NQF) “My Time, Our Place”: Framework for School Age Children in Australia.

Each centre is governed by the new National Regulations along with the requirement to meet all the National Quality Standards.

Information relating to NQF will be shared with all children, staff and parents in preparation for approval and quality assurance visits.

We hope that you will be able to actively participate in our centre and in providing quality care for your child.

Regulatory Authority Contact Details:

Please contact the Regulatory Authority if you have any concerns that you are unable to discuss with the centre.

*Early Childhood Education & Care Directorate.


P: 1800 619 113

M: Locked Bag 5107

Parramatta, NSW 2124

Other relevant contacts

*Department of Education and Communities

*Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority



Kids Club ensures that both management, staff & the school where we are operating in meets all requirements relating to the care and wellbeing of the students by completing Compliance Records regularly.

Each Centre Coordinator completes a monthly compliance check relating to the maintenance of the building and the staffs job & shift descriptions.As well as this, the staff complete Arrival and Departure checklists to ensure the safety of the building and its environment each morning and afternoon.

The Centre Manager completes a monthly compliance check on each centre relating to the management of the centre,communication with families,resources,safety and the program & activities provided for the children.

The Centre Manager also completes a monthly compliance check on the Administration of the centre to ensure the smooth running of the fees and accounts system.

With comprehensive compliance checks we are able to evaluate our policies and procedures and make any required changes immediately, enabling us to maintain high quality care at all times.

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